­čĄŁ ADMIRAL Romania is a promising sponsor of the Association for Responsible Gambling in 2023 as well

As a sponsor of the Association for Responsible Gambling, an association financially supported by the Romanian gambling industry, ADMIRAL Romania continued to support its efforts in 2023 to create and implement specific programs related to the effects of gambling and social reporting to these.

Existing programs continued successfully in the year that ended (Responsible Gaming: 531 requests to enroll in the program, 24/7 Counseling: 5141 calls (showing a small decrease compared to the previous year), Trained by Majorat: 1736 students participating in seminars and Support Groups: 100 participants).

In 2023, 1,942 calls to the Call Center were recorded, of which 533 were requests to enroll in the program, most being from Bucharest and Ilfov (compared to the region’s population). In 2023, compared to 2022, the number of requests from Bucharest and Ilfov, Transylvania and Moldova increased, those from Banat, Crisana and Maramure╚Ö stagnated, and those from Oltenia and Muntenia decreased.

The association channels its efforts to stimulate the culture of prevention of pathological gambling behavior, and at the same time promotes the state of equilibrium related to gambling through campaigns and actions of promotion and awareness.

During the past year, new programs were also launched, such as:

– Training for industry employees: 120 participants (from gambling halls, betting agencies and call center/customer support);

– “Navigating in Safety – preventing addiction to gambling, technology and combating bullying for young people” – the first program supported by public funds, co-financed by the District City Hall, with an educational purpose. 3777 students and 1058 adults participated in the program sessions.

The number of free psychological counseling sessions was successfully increased, to be expanded gradually with the development of the program.

In total, 626 psychotherapy sessions were offered, and more than 400 people came for counseling for the first time. Most applicants (as of November 2021) are from Bucharest (390).

In addition to the development of the “Responsible Gambling” program, the Association is also involved in various social responsibility programs, and with the help of a professional team of psychologists, psychotherapists and specialists, they assist players with addiction problems related to gambling and offer assessment and therapy sessions for players and their families.

In order to be aware of the pulse of the market and the industry and to better understand those who seek the help of the Association, the team of psychologists, psychotherapists and specialists who provide therapeutic assistance to the players regularly participate in trainings, courses and workshops.

Thus, through the projects it runs, the Responsible Gambling Association closes the circle: from education and prevention (through the Adult Training program run in high schools), to psychological counseling.