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ADMIRAL LEISURE S.R.L. with office at 275-277 Calea BUCUREŞTILOR,  1st floor, rooms 5-7, Otopeni town, Ilfov county, Trade Register number J23/4225/2017, with the sole registration number (CUI) 38078686, informs you hereby about how we process and protect personal data.

1.           What is a Cookie and What Is It Used for?

Our website uses the cookie technology so as to offer you a better customized web service.  The data stored by the cookies used by our Website never show personal details based on which an individual identity may be established.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored and/or read by your web browser on the hard disk of your final device (e.g. computer, laptop or smartphone), according to the websites that you visit.  The cookies also make your interaction with the websites safer and faster, since they may remember your preferences  (e.g. login, language), sending the information they contain back to the original website (first-party cookie) or to another website to which they belong (third-party cookie) when you visit again that new website via the same final device.

2.            How Can You Control the Cookies

You may withdraw any time your consent on the cookies.  For this purpose, you may block or remove the cookies either via your web browser settings or using software provided by third parties or following the specific directions for the cookie categories in the sections below.  In any case, issues may arise in relation to using certain parts of the website if the cookies are disabled.

Should you want to remove the cookies stored on your devices and to set up your browser so as to decline the cookies, you may use your preferences settings of your web browser.  Usually, the browser settings related to cookies can be found in the menus “Options”, “Tools” or “Preferences” of the web browser that you use to access our Website.  According to the available web browsers, various means may be used to disable the cookies.  For further information, please visit your browser web sites:

The function Help in your browser may guide you to disable and/or delete the cookies of your internet browser.  Please consider that upon disabling/deleting the cookies, individual functions of our website might not work as expected. The cookies that may be necessary for particular functions of this website are indicated below.  Moreover, disabling/deleting the cookies will affect only the internet browser used for such purpose. Therefore, the cookie disabling/deleting process should be repeated accordingly for any other internet browsers.

3.            The Cookies That We Use:

The cookies implemented here by the website owners are called “first party”, while those set by third parties other than the legal owners of the website are called “third party”.  The latter enable particular items and functionalities that may be offered by accessing the Website

We use “first party” and “third party” cookies for a number of reasons.   Some cookies are necessary for technical reasons, so that our Website and services may be operational – they are critical, fundamental cookies.  Other cookies allow us and third parties with whom we work to supervise and target the interests shown by the website visitors – they are cookies necessary for performance and functionality.

For instance, we use cookies to manage the content and the information that we may send or display to users, to customize the experience of the interaction with the Website and also to improve the functionality of the services we offer.

The specific “first party” and “third party” cookie types that we use on our website, as well as the purpose of such use, are described below.

  1. Cookies that are critical to the website

These cookies are absolutely necessary to provide you the services available under the Website and also for access to protected sections. The latter are generated upon logging in so as to check out when the login expires.

These cookies are strictly necessary for the Website operation and the proper running of the web platform. The cookies may be blocked or deleted by changing the browser settings.

These cookies are used for improving the performances of the Website, for analysing how the Website is working and of course for finding out any potential errors.

The cookies that collect information of this type are used in order to help us to understand how the site is used or how efficient our marketing campaigns are.  They also help us to fully customize the Website, with a view to improving the Website use experience.

We use them in order to make more relevant the promotional messages, taking into consideration the interests that you have. These cookies also accomplish further functions, such as preventing the display of permanent advertisements, ensuring optimum delivery thereof in terms of display and, in some cases, selection of the advertisements according to the interests that you show.

We and third parties too may use other similar monitoring technologies.  These data files contain unique identifiers that help us find out when somebody visited our Website or trigger particular signals indicating a particular action done on the website.

This allows us to supervise the pattern of the user traffic on a specific Website page, thanks to communication and delivery of such cookies.  Thus we will find out whether you came to the Website via  advertisement or from another Website, in order to deliver targeted notices to you, to improve the Website performances and to supervise the success of the marketing campaigns.

For targeting, the pixel is an analysis tool that allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising activities developed through our providers of such solutions, by understanding the actions that our users carry out on our site.  We use the pixel data in order to make sure that our advertisements are posted to the right persons and to build the advertising public.

9.            Security and Privacy-Related Facts

Generally the browsers have inbuilt privacy settings that provide various cookie acceptance levels, the effective time and automatic removal once the user visited a particular site.

Other cookie-related security aspects:


For any questions or clarifications about your personal data processing or if you want to exercise a right, please contact us on the e-mail: or mail us a letter to Admiral Leisure S.R.L., Otopeni town, 275-277 Calea BUCUREŞTILOR, 1st floor, rooms 5-7, Ilfov County, Bucharest, Romania.

Whenever you contact us, please do not disclose sensitive personal data (such as info related to racial or ethnic origin, to political opinions, to religious beliefs or of any other kind, health or trade union membership), social insurance numbers or info related to criminal records.


Admiral Leisure S.R.L.                                                                               August 2020