“Safe Browsing” – an educational project recommended by ADMIRAL Romania

As a sponsor of the Association for Responsible Gambling, an association financially supported by the Romanian gambling industry, ADMIRAL Romania supports its efforts to create and implement specific programs related to the effects of gambling and the social reporting thereof.

The “Responsible Gaming” program, launched by the Association, is the reference point of the Romanian gambling industry and the pillar of responsibility towards players. With the support of its founding members, as well as other supporters in the market, the Responsible Gambling Association develops and implements programs for education and prevention of gambling addiction as well as psychological counseling for people who have exceeded the recreational limit of gambling.

A recent study shows that in July of this year only 125 calls were received at the Call Center (11% less than the previous month and 7% less than the same month of the previous year), of which 38 have was for enrolling in the program (15% more compared to the previous month, respectively 32% more compared to the same month of the previous year). The most calls were registered from Bucharest, Ilfov and Dobrogea.

In addition to the development of the “Responsible Gambling” program, the Association is also involved in various social responsibility programs, and with the help of a professional team of psychologists, psychotherapists and specialists, they assist players with addiction problems related to gambling and offer assessment and therapy sessions for players and their families.

In order to be aware of the pulse of the market and the industry and to better understand those who seek the help of the Association, the team of psychologists, psychotherapists and specialists who provide therapeutic assistance to the players regularly participate in trainings, courses and workshops.

ADMIRAL Romania invites you to participate in the series of conferences held by Dr. Cristian Andrei, dedicated to parents, teachers and the general public, specially designed for the “Safe Browsing” project. These sessions will address key topics related to technology addiction, gambling and anti-bullying, providing strategies and solutions to safely navigate the digital world.

Check out the event schedule and locations, whether in ballrooms or online, and join the conversations essential to the safety and well-being of young people here.

Thus, through the projects it runs, the Responsible Gaming Association closes the circle: from education and prevention (through the Adult Training program carried out in high schools), to psychological counseling for those affected by addictions or bullying (through the project “Safe Browsing” ).