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Terms and conditions


  1. Introduction

We recommend that all visitors/users of the website should read the website terms and conditions before setting to surf it. By using the website and/or any other offered service you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted in full the terms and conditions for use of the website.  In order to use the website under the best conditions, you should carefully read this document.  In case you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please stop navigating this page.

This website is owned, managed and maintained by Admiral Leisure S.R.L.(hereinafter referred to as ”Company”), a limited liability company established and operated under the Romanian law, with office at Calea Bucurestilor, 1st floor, rooms  5-7, Otopeni, Ilfov County, under the Trade Register number J23/4225/2017, with sole registration number (CUI) 38078686 and hosted by the Novomatic AG servers.

On this website you will find information on the ADMIRAL gambling locations, news about the activities developed at such locations and you will be able to access menus so as to lead you to slot, casino, bet and live bet activities (provide you info on locations such as Tip & Cash), sport bet offers, bet options etc., that are hosted on third-party web pages.   Such third-party web pages may contain information that is different from these terms and conditions, so that before setting to surf such web pages you should read the terms and conditions for use thereof, privacy policy etc.

Other services and offers to be implemented in time on the web page will be subject to the same terms and conditions, unless the terms for use thereof are separately specified.

The entire content of the website – such as images, texts, charts, symbols, WEB graphical content, scripts, software and other data – is owned by the Company and/or their providers and protected by the Copyright Law and the laws on the intellectual and industrial property.   Use of any of the aforementioned items without the Company consent will be liable to the penalties of the laws in force.

The Company guarantees user limited access for personal interest on this website and gives no right to download or alter the website in part or in full, to reproduce the website in part or in full, to sell/resell or exploit the website in any other manner for trade purposes or purposes that are contrary to the Company interests without the latter’s written consent.

Access and use of the site are conditional on the user’s age which must be no less than 18 and on the acceptance of the terms and conditions hereof.

The site is an informative site that recommends to the user players the online gambling and sport bet sites specially designed for the user and managed by third parties, but the site itself provides no gambling services against money.

This site is intended for user’s personal non-commercial use.  The user agrees not to amend, copy, distribute, deliver, display, reproduce, publish, licence, make derivatives, transfer or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from this website without Company’s prior written permission.  The user agrees not to use any robot, other automated device or manual process for monitoring or copying this web page or the content included herein or for any other unauthorized purpose without the Company prior written permission.   The user agrees not to use any device or software for interfering or trying to interfere with the proper functioning of this website or of any activities developed on this site.  The user agrees not to take any measure that would subject our web page infrastructure to unreasonable or disproportionately big loading.   The Company reserves the right to investigate any illegal and/or unauthorized use of this site including without limitation unauthorized classification of this site or unauthorized use of any robot or other automated device, to take proper legal measures, without limitation, to make use of civil, criminal and indirect appeals.

Anyone accessing/visiting the website can make comments and any other communication; may submit suggestions, ideas, questions or other information, unless the content thereof is illegal, obscene, threatening, libellous, discriminating, disruptive in any way to somebody else’s private life, in breach of the intellectual property rights and provided that it is free of any viruses, texts of various promotional campaigns, chain letters, bulk emails or any other form of spam.  Anybody using a false email address or sending emails or any other communication on behalf of any other natural or legal person or on behalf of any other entity will be punished in keeping with the laws in force.

The Company is entitled (not obliged) to delete any such content found out on the website.   The Company will not be liable and may not be required to pay any  indemnification for any damages that may be caused by such communication.  For any materials/documents that are sent or posted the user is deemed to grant the Company and the Company’s affiliates/partners a nonexclusive, unlimited, irrevocable and reassignable right free of charge to use, reproduce, alter, adapt, publish, translate, make derivatives, as well as the right to distribute, to present such content anywhere worldwide, via any means.   The Company and their affiliates/partners or recipients of the licence reassignment are further secured with the right to use the name you associate to such a content.   The user guarantees that they have all the rights in the content they display or post on the website by any means so that by using such content not to cause any damages to anybody.  The Companydisclaims any responsibility for the content of the messages/notices displayed/posted by a user via

These terms and conditions do not entitle you to remove, hide or alter any legal notice posted as part of or together with the information we provide.

The website may be also accessed from mobile devices.  Do not access the website in any way that may disrupt your attention or prevent you from observing the road traffic rules and the safe traffic in the street and towards the other traffic parties.

The materials posted on the websites linked to by our website may refer to products, programmes and services that are not available in your country.  Please ask for information at any local representative office in your country where you can see our Company logo posted to gather more info about the available products, programmes or services. may develop advertising campaigns and/or promotions on any section of the website any time.    The campaigns and the promotions posted on do not need the consent of the portal visitors or users.   The room and the sizes of the advertising campaigns and promotions do not need the visitors’ consent and may be changed any time without any prior notice.  The Company disclaims any liability for any damages or losses arising from other advertising campaigns or promotions posted on the website than as strictly organized by

The user agrees to use this website only in compliance with these terms and conditions, with any other additional policies or procedures published on this website by the Company from time to time and with the applicable law.  The Company reserves the right to turn down, at their discretion, any user accessing this website or any part hereof, without notice.  Moreover, the Company reserves the right to edit their notices or posts for further clarification and for acceptable length in terms of available room.

The Company reserves the right to regularly update this set of terms and conditions (e.g. so as to meet the changes occurred in the legislation or in the services provided by the Company).  Functionalities or functions may be added or removed; moreover, we may limit, alter, suspend or cut off the provision of a service currently available to our users.

In order to make sure they observe the terms of access to the website and of use of the services, at the time of each access to the user should check out the terms and conditions of use of the website.

Although the site surfing is not conditional on opening of an account, respectively on user login via supply of personal data, it requires the processing of personal data via cookies so that the website may operate more efficiently.  Cookies are also used for reporting specific info on necessary changes that should be done to the website.

Our cookies are not used to capture personal data such as full name, e-mail or banking data, but to monitor the activity and the actions developed on the visited pages with a view to improving the experience.

More info about how we protect the personal data privacy and about how we use the cookies may be found in the Privacy Policy and in the Cookies Policy, respectively by accessing the links to such documents provided on our website.

This website uses safeguards against loss, alteration or misuse of the information that is under our control.  The Company however disclaims responsibility for any loss of data caused by errors of the software via which the website was designed and hosted.  We also disclaim any responsibility for the security errors of the server hosting the website.

This website may provide links or referrals to third-party websites.  The Company does not operate, respectively control in any way any information, product or service on such third-party websites.  The links to third-party managed websites are provided solely for the user’s convenience and shall not be construed as endorsement by the Company and/or their providers. The user undertakes exclusive responsibility for using the links and the products and the services provided on the third-party websites.

The information, the software, the products and the services posted on this website may contain inaccuracies or printing errors.  Amendments may be made from time to time about the information contained on the website.  The Company and/or their providers may improve and/or alter the website any time without prior notice.  The Company and/or their providers does/do not warrant the adequacy of the information, the software, the products and the services contained on this website and on third-party websites.  All such information, software, products and services are provided “as it is” free of any guarantees whatsoever.  The Company and/or their providers decline hereby all and any guarantees about such information, software, products and services, including all and any implied guarantees about merchantability, title and noninfringement of rights.  In no case the Company and/or their providers will be liable for any direct, contingent, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from or related in any way to the use hereof or for delay or failure to use the website or for any information, software, products or services obtained via the website or resulting from the use of the website, irrespective of whether in contract, in tort or otherwise, even if the Company and/or any of their providers was informed about the risk of such damages.

  1. Final Provisions

If any of the aforementioned provisions is found null and void, irrespective of cause, such provision shall not impair the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.  Once navigating this website and accessing the menus with links to third-party websites, the user accepts without objections the terms and conditions of use of the website, the value hereof being the same as an agreement duly executed.

For any nonobservance of this set of rules, remark, complaint or issue related to the website please let us know on the

Website Administrator

Admiral Leisure S.R.L.                                   August 2020